On the latest issue of HIDDEN CHAMPION, NY-based artist, LOVE ME aka Curtis Kulig is featured as the cover story. His simple yet straightforward message of ‘Love me’ drew a lot of attention and start getting recognised as a universal language to lead the whole era of time. In addition to this cover story the article called ‘The Art of Curation’ was put together to get insight of the world’s cutting edge curators about their galleries in NY, LA, Tokyo, Melbourne, Berlin and London. Also featured are two young talents from Tokyo. You can get to see some art works from, Tokyo based- collage artist, Kosuke Kawamura and Naoki ‘SAND’ Yamamoto from ‘SAYHELLO’ with their crispy interview. Photo articles with Anthony Acosta, Jerry Hsu, Naoki Ishikawa are must check.

Take a look at the featured pictures taken from #27 of Hidden Champion Mag and don’t miss out on getting your hand on this issue to read up on the full stories.

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