Where the runway meets the street

So what the heck is “Street Goth”? To keep it short, Street Goth is basically a smart combination of street- and sportswear staples with (avantgarde) high fashion brands, preferably those with a somewhat darker edge, think of the likes of Raf Simons, Rick Owens or Givenchy’s Ricardo Tisci. This trend gained greater  recognition during the last year, with hip hop big hitters, like A$AP or Kanye West trading in the baggy look for a rather dark avantgarde infused style, that incorporates besides athletic pieces, such as hooded sweatshirts and sneakers, a – for Hip Hop standards at least – abundance of leather, which could probably be last seen during the 1980s. Stay tuned for the upcoming more detailed article on street goth, giving you guys a deeper insight into this ambiguous fashion trend. Until then take a look at our selection of street goth inspired staples.

SSUR – Misfit Cap

Maybe not that of a known fact among the hip hop community: New Jersey’s legendary Horror Punk band The Misfits supplied the inspiration or rather 6/7 of their famous band logo for this snapback by SSUR. Get it at their official web store.


Mister – “Day by Day” – Mister Hoodie

Get that basic cotton hoodie by Mister – “Day by Day” maybe one size larger from your usual size for a more authentic Street Goth style. You can purchase it here.


En Noir – Leather Sweatpants

It always amazes me how a simple piece of clothing, such as the above leather pants by En Noir, is sometimes deemed polarizing or provocative and almost always not of the heterosexual kind. I mean, come on guys, it could be far worse. At least they don’t look like these old-school heavy metal biker lace-up leather pants. Get them directly at En Noir.


Fear of God – Leather Skirt

Made popular by Mr. Kanye West, the skirt or – as Ye likes to call it – the kilt, might be currently the most ambivalent menswear staple. What’s especially striking about it, is the fact that a piece of clothing formerly a domain of women and women only, is introduced into menswear by members of a culture that is more than often demonstrating an exaggerated image of virility. So if you’re rather sensitive about other people’s view of your sexuality, you might want to skip over that item, otherwise proceed to Fear of God.


Givenchy – Black Star-Studded Sneakers

Ricardo Tisci has been steadily working himself up to the ranks of the most respected and desirebale designers to date, as well as becoming sort of Hip Hop royalty’s court taylor. So if you got some spare money to spend, you might want to consider to get ahold of a pair Givenchys, over at Ssense. Otherwise stick with the even better Air Force 1, for a more wallet-friendly choice. The shoes


Black Scale – BLVCK Ring

Stay away from the mascara and black nailpolish, that’s reserved strictly for the real goths. Instead accentuate that dark outfit with some shiny bling. Go for some neat gold chains or this two finger ring by Black Scale. Get it at their webshop.


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