Where the runway meets the street
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The work of Boris Bidjan Saberi, besides conveying his signature aesthetic of urban mavericks and gloomy backstreet warriors, has always stood for premium processing, the measure of manufacturing itself being a primary part of his specific design approach. The raw industrial vibe of his pieces clash with an methodical diligence and love for experimental material research, involving unconventional materials like tar, transparent leather and even pig-blood-dyes in his past collections.

But while keeping up his pioneer work in material research, Saberi now finds his way straight back to the streets by launching a second line exclusively for functional street wear. “11”, besides being his numeric trademark and talisman alike, is aiming to connect people and ideas and fuel a lifestyle inspired by street culture and music transformed into high-level fashion.

The collection comprises 11 garments and 11 accessories that combine Saberis experimental design approach with sturdier and more economic materials such as thick denims, jerseys, heavy canvas as well as technical fabrics.

Text by Nathini van der Meer
Pictures by Alex Cruces

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