With 4 solo covers, 1 group cover, and 1 digital cover, Kid Cudi now holds the record for most Complex Magazine cover appearances. The cover piece, titled “Life After Death,” focuses on the rapper’s emergence from a breakup-induced depression. The new cover compliments Rihanna’s 7 covers aptly titled “Full Exposure.” Check out this excerpt from Cudi’s feature:

Kid Cudi’s brain is wired differently.

That’s not to say the human brain doesn’t differ from person to person, but a unique set of circumstances has shaped both the career and circuitry of 28-year-old Scott Mescudi, one of hip-hop’s most cerebral artists. Cudi’s trials and tribulations have been splashed all over these pages throughout the years: the come-up, the drug use, the birth of his daughter. As the Cudi cycle has played out in the public eye, it’s become a rinse-and-repeat formula: drop an album, take a few acting gigs, disappear until it’s time for another album. But Cudi is far from formulaic. Where many rappers and actors pursue endless press exposure, Cudder prefers seclusion. Where others are uncomfortable discussing depression and death, Cudi fluctuates between dark thoughts, funny voices, and laughter.

Look for the issue to hit stands February and check out the full cover feature at Complex now.

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