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Graphic designer Wil Fry has released yet another series of plagiarized clothing this time from the likes of Apple’s Mac OS X 10.8.2 desktop pictures. Like past collections, the New York and Sydney-based designer has re-appropriated ubiquitous pop culture images thereby questioning their purpose and versatility.

The shirts are titled as follows:

  • “Antelope Canyon.jpg” Shirt
  • “Shapes.jpg” Shirt
  • “Frog.jpg” Shirt
  • “Brushes.jpg” Shirt

Each shirt is produced in the limited quantity of 1, and the full set of 4 runs for $2,199 (10% discount for students). So if you feel like spending the money you’ve been saving up for a new Macbook Pro on a pack of shirts you can head over to his online store.

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