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If recent fashion weeks are any indication of what we should expect to see come Fall/Winter 2013 (and they usually are), then there are a few trends to be on the lookout for. So far we’ve attended all of the men’s fashion events taking place throughout Europe including London Fashion Week, Pitti Uomo, Milan Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week. While each location and event is aimed at different collections and crowds, certain trends have permeated their way through many of them.

Of course since these events are geared toward the higher end of the fashion world, the following trends aren’t likely to become mass produced staples but they certainly are an indicator of where the world of men’s fashion is headed. Take a look below to see which 7 trends we think we’ll be seeing by the end of 2013.

1. Classic Caps/Hats

First in London and then in Florence we saw many a dapper gentleman sporting a classic cap. Wide-brimmed hats were spotted all over as were timeless fedoras. However, before you reach for the nearest cap, take a second to think about the rest of your outfit with respect to your hat.

Basically if you’re not already wearing a tailored suit then you shouldn’t even consider it. There is nothing in the world worse than an outfit consisting of tattered sneakers, destroyed jeans, and a Cheeto-stained t-shirt topped off with a fedora. You’re not making your outfit better, you’re making the fedora worse.

2. Cholo Style Tops

Thousands of miles away from the cutty barrios of LA, indisputably handsome men are wearing their shirts and coats with only one button buttoned – the top button. Inspired by people they have next to nothing in common with, off-duty models and generally important looking people have donned the look for a silhouette that has also crept its way into a number of lookbooks for the upcoming season.

Unlike classic caps, the look can be worn without many prerequisites. An undershirt is recommended though unless you want people confusing you for some douche they used to know.

3. Shawls

You know how every single day when you wake up the last thing you want to do is get out of bed? Well the most dashing of fashion’s men figured out a way to solve this dilemma – by bringing the warmest part of the bed with them. While shawls aren’t technically blankets, they’re technically not scarves either; but in any case, they are something we can get behind if it means bringing more coziness to men’s fashion. Here’s hoping 2014 brings the sleeping bag back into fashion.

4. 3-Piece Suits

Men who may or may not have been tied to some form of organized crime continued to wear the classic 3-piece suit albeit with slim, modern fitting. Both matching and tastefully mismatching 3-piece suits were on display, while some men opted for the look in a slightly different way – by substituting the waistcoat with a cardigan. Either way, the extra inner layer adds an element of class that a simple 2-piece suit doesn’t.

5. Cropped or Cuffed Bottoms

It looks like just-short bottoms are still the way to go if the gentlemen from recent fashion weeks are any indication. Whether they were cropped or cuffed, we saw enough exposed ankle to last us far into the new year. This implies, of course, that colorful, unique socks are still relevant regardless of how reserved the rest of the outfit is. Fall and Winter will certainly see the sock craze carry on and it’s a sure bet that during Spring and Summer we’ll be seeing plenty of man-ankle.

6. Turtlenecks

Don’t shave your 70’s porn-stache just yet. We caught a few handsome looking men rocking the decades-old staple underneath classic blazers. The ones we saw though tended not to cover the entirety of the neck, letting the Adam’s apple breathe and get the fresh air it deserves. However, since turtlenecks were about as dead as ska music, we’ll have to wait and see if this is something that catches on.

7. Being Kanye West

It looks like it’s still cool to be Kanye West come the Year of the Snake. Whether he’s wrapping half of his face in a scarf or all of it in a ski mask, the Chicago musician will continue to be a hot commodity throughout 2013. Although he hasn’t announced a release date for his next album, work is being done on it and chances are we’ll see it by the end of the year.

Love them, hate them? Let us know what you think of these trends in the comment section below.

Photography: Youngjun Koo /

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