Selectism Guide: 6 All-Night Spots in Paris 10

Another hypothetical: let’s say you have one night left in Paris to knock the socks off somebody you want to impress without venturing up and down the Eiffel Tower again.  You want to eat well, drink well and fall into a heap after a night of classic French fare, ritzy cocktails, dance floor brawls and straight-up good times.

Whether it’s romantic or not (our fingers are firmly crossed for you, sirs) we’ve organized a night out in the City of Light that you’ll never forget. Or that you’ll never remember.

Here are Selectism’s tips for an all-nighter in Paris, France.

6 All Night Spots in Paris - 1

Cocktails at Aux Deux Amis
This little bar looks like nothing from the outside. Its subtle, almost underwhelming, facade is why it’s perfect: tourists hardly ever venture here, so you’ll be surrounded by locals. What’s more impressive than hanging out with locals in a foreign city? Nothing. Aux Deux Amis offers a cozy place to sip local wines, rich tapas-style snacks and impressive cocktails. Sit at the bar and befriend your bar tender for great service and eye candy.
45 rue Oberkampf 75011

6 All Night Spots in Paris - 2

Dinner at Au Passage
This bistro-style spot is seemingly in the middle of nowhere, down a little laneway on the cusp of the 11th and 3rd, but that just adds to its charm. Inside it’s an old-school vibed restaurant with a casual atmosphere – you’ll be as likely to find big groups celebrating birthdays as couples playing kissyface. The service is excellent and the menu is wonderful – and is dictated by season and quality. It’s laid-back, totally not a scene, and the perfect way to impress your date.
1B Passage Saint-Sébastien 75011

6 All Night Spots in Paris - 3

Digestifs at l’Experimental
So you’ve shown off your local knowledge and now it’s time to pull out the big guns: ritzy cocktails at the plush l’Experimental. Pick a corner of this speakeasy-style bar and get comfy while skilled (and dashing) bar tenders make you a cocktail. We recommend the Martinez – partly because it comes is a pimpish crystal glass. It’s bustling on weekends, dim and just the right amount of sleazy.
37 rue Saint Sauveur 75002

6 All Night Spots in Paris - 4

Shots at Glass
By now you should be just boozy enough to throw some shapes. It’s fun o’clock, and so fun is the gang at Glass that they just invested in a light-up dancefloor. Located next to a sex-shop, Glass is tiny and can be a little selective, but it’s well worth it. Bar tenders will happily mix up shots, but there are also cocktails on tap and DJs playing party jams.
7 Rue Frochot 75009 

6 All Night Spots in Paris - 5

Dancing at Silencio
Here comes trouble. This is your late-night party spot designed from head-to-toe by the genius that is David Lynch. Like everything Lynchian, Silencio is part class and part creep – it’s all gold and luxe, but with a tinge of strange. Open until 6am you’ll be surrounded by everybody: locals, hipsters, models, and Kanyes.
142 Rue Montmarte 75002

6 All Night Spots in Paris - 6

Hangover at Candelaria
Located in the Marais area, Candelaria is one of the city’s best spots for casual Mexican. Sit up at the counter, sip a Dos Equis, and watch while your tacos and tostadas are cooked up. It’s quick and easy, reasonably priced, fresh and just what your hangover needs. If you and your buddy are feeling renewed, slip through the interior door into the candle-lit, hidden bar that’s visible from the street over, but seemingly impossible to enter. Tricksters in Paris.
52 Rue de Saintonge 75003



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