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Eastpak and London based designer Nicomede Talavera have teamed up for a 2nd limited edition collection of bags and accessories. The collection ‘Untitled’ combines a bold color palette with elements inspired by the brands love for customization. The items feature unique leather, dominant metal zippers and black straps that allow to adapt the shape and volume of each bag to ones own need and taste.

Product Designer at Eastpak, Toon Kympers says: “Once again, Tavalera plays with conventional forms to produce a refreshingly new concept. EASTPAK bags have always been about individuality and expression – a blank canvas that with time, becomes an extension of the user’s own identity. Talavera takes this dynamic to a new level.”

The collection will drop March 15th and will be available at Oki-Ni and Opening Ceremony London.

Words by Georgia Reeve
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