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The snow drifting from the Berlin skies has finally abated, which unfortunately heightens the chances a downpour of rain in replacement. Somehow much less picturesque. Nobody wants to send a postcard of a rainy Berlin, nor would anyone want to receive one. In any case, it would be all soggy from the rain. On the plus side, rain means investing in a decent umbrella, one that doesn’t turn inside out at the gentlest breeze and one that you can be proud to carry, like a king’s scepter or a pimp’s stick.

YMC X London Undercover Umbrella

Navajo is a print that just keeps on giving. It is bold without being brash, it’s unique without being try hard and it blends seamlessly with almost any outfit. I’m sure the Navajo tribe would be glad that it’s been appropriated in this instance, as two design stalwarts YMC and London Undercover join forces to bring us a classic construction updated with one of YMCs prints. Find it online at OKI-NI.

Wood Wood Princeton Bomber

Bomber jackets, baseball jackets, varsity jackets. We are inundated with all kinds of sportswear-cum-utility wear as if anybody does anything particularly exerting in any of them. That’s not to say we’re complaining, keep them coming, especially if they’re anything like this navy Wood Wood jacket, which you can get in store or online now.

Paul Smith Pocket Crew Knit

The British born Paul Smith brand has really pushed itself as of late, moving away from its usual collection mainstay of suits and into more casual wear. And it’s been a very good move. This plum knit contains wool and mohair, establishing its quality alongside its design. Find it at Goodhood Store.

A.P.C Petit Standard Overdyed Slim Jeans

A.P.C is prized for its easy to wear denim designs, and this grey pair is no exception. Rigid denim is a wardrobe staple that will age quickly for a unique look, but the slim fit style means the jeans will always feel modern. Available at Mr Porter.

Maison Martin Margiela 11 Men’s Hidden Section Bracelet

If you’re going to be carrying an umbrella around, why not make the most of your wrist being at eye level and put something there worth looking at. This Maison Martin Margiela silver chainlink bracelet contains a special hidden panel. Now what is more exciting than that? Other than deciding what to put in it. Can anything even fit in it? Even if it can’t, it shows playful design and interesting craftmanship, and that I am an advocate of. Find it online at OKI-NI.

Mark McNairy Derby Boots

London store Goodhood worked exclusively with American designer Mark McNairy and their collaboration resulted in this fine looking pair of Derby work boots. The black suede ensures the boots are timeless, whilst the white vibram sole keeps them looking fresh. A nice twice on McNairy’s usual style, with Goodhood’s seal of approval. Get them over at Goodhood Store.

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