Dian Hanson's History of Pin-up Magazines Vol. 1-3 3
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"Dian Hanson's History of Pin-up Magazines Vol. 1-3" from Taschen Books 1

The history of the newsstand pin-up magazine is examined in this new three-volume book set from Dian Hanson.  Dian Hanson’s History of Pin-up Magazines Vol. 1-3 explores the development of the pin-up genre from 1900 – 1969. Across the three volumes, readers will learn about the early history of pin-up and adult magazines as they appeared at the turn of the twentieth century (volume one) masked with covers touting humor, movies, and more to keep those reading them undercover.

Volume two of History of Pin-up Magazines looks at the boom of the genre following WWII, including the debut of Playboy in 1953. Volume three sees the boom of the men’s magazine in the U.S.A. after changes in “U.S. obscenity laws, and continues with French titles in decline, England going pervy; nudists going hippy, and Germany going pervy, hippy and political.” Full cover in our expanded view.

Sounds like a fun read and view. Coming March 2013 from Taschen. Available from Amazon for $23.

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