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What looks like a viral marketing campaign launched by Blizzard got the internet buzzing. A password protected site, entitled “Project Blackstone” has recently went online, apparently promoting another installment of the highly acclaimed Starcraft saga.

Entering the password discovered by some redditors leads to a message from a certain “Dr. Helek Branamoor, PhD Chairman on Dominion Xenostudies, Imperial Science Advisor, and Chief of Research for Project Blackstone.” As redditors point out Branamoor was featured in a 2000 Starcraft ebook and is somehow related to the series villain Kerrigan. And it seems that there are even Twitter accounts linked to the current campaign – see here, here, here, and here.

However, we currently can’t tell for sure if this whole campaign is about a new stand alone game, an add-on or something completely different. Stay tuned as we keep you informed on that.

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