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Black Lodges T-Shirts Spring Summer 2013 2
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Spring 2013 sees the return of Black Lodges collection. Not one to mince words, director Steven Vogel gets right to the point with a series of black t-shirts that spell out in the most literal of terms some thoughts on his mind. While the influence may not come directly from his love of punk and rock music, the connection and message is there: do as you please and be sure to always express it as you mean it – D.I.Y to some.

For those who make a connection with the messaging on this collection of t-shirts, consider picking one up. While no t-shirt will make you cool, the Black Lodges shirts will at least annoy the shit out of some.

Coming this June. Those looking for an early scoop: the “heavy fucking metal” shirt is available direct from the man himself.

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