Where the runway meets the street

It’s barely February and yet the Spring Summer collections are already making their way into the shops. The mercury is still flickering back and forth over zero degrees so shorts and sandals are a long way away, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to prematurely introduce at least one of the pieces into your wardrobe. Patterns are probably the easiest and least revealing way to do this. The most comfortable way of saying, “I am aware of the Spring Summer 2013 collections, and I am gradually bringing them into my wardrobe but not at the cost of my health or warmth.”


Universal Works – Paisley Crew Tee

A favourite pattern of The Artist Formerly Known as Prince But Now Known as Prince Again, this tee from Universal Works has an all over paisley design. Paisley originates from Iran and is a symbol for life and eternity, the tee might not last for eternity but it should last you through summer. Buy it over at Oi Polloi.


Levi’s – 1960 605 Black Overdye Jeans

Levi’s are dependable jeans makers. And this pair is a reproduction of the classic skinny fit from the 1960’s, with a tapered leg and a 100% cotton blend. Jeans aren’t synonymous with Spring Summer, but I know someone who still wears jeans in the middle of summer, even on the beach. So I guess if you pretend you’re on a beach, they’ll definitely feel pretty summery. Buy them at Tres Bien.


Standard Issue USMC Jacket

This waxed cotton military style jacket is the epitome of a transitional jacket. Waxed cotton means its prepared for the not-so-kind weather conditions, and the 100% virgin wool liner is removable. So when the temperature increases, you can cool down. Get it online from Need Supply Co.


New Balance – M577 Farmer’s Market Sneaker

It would too much to jump straight into a whole new season’s clothing, so here are a pair of sneakers from New Balance‘s Autumn Winter collection with Farmer’s Market. Originally created in 1989, this design is still looking pretty fresh. And has been brought fully up to date with a navy colour way and a hard wearing wax finish. Buy them now at OKI-NI.


Rick Owens – Merino Wool Blanket Scarf

It surprises and disappoints me that their seems to be a general lack of scarf wearing. Some people might think they disrupt an outfit, I say they enhance it. And when they’re as big and indulgent as this Rick Owens one it means you can go out in just a jacket when you have this to swaddle yourself up in. Find it at Mr Porter.


Wood Wood – Mills Bag

Big bags tend to accumulate more items than you ever really need. But when the bag has several different compartments, including one specifically for your laptop, you can separate necessities from frivolities.  This Wood Wood bag is the ideal combination of style and function. Buy it in store or online at Wood Wood.


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