The weekend is coming up which means it’s high time for some irresponsible debauchery (what other kind is there?). Before we begin our festivities out in the snowy cold, we bring you the week’s 10 best comments from our lovely readers. It was hard to choose just 10 this week with all the controversial but hilarious comments flooding in from recent topics like Kanye West’s alleged new album title and Harmony Korine’s upcoming film. In any case, take a look below for some of the best comments we came across over the past few days.


#10 commented on: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 Men’s Bag Collection

Sabrina Lee: Does it come with a parachute?



#9 commented on: 40 oz NY Margiela Inspired Snapback

Christensen Ravee: it used to be called plagiarism, now its inspired just cause you let people know where you plagiarised from



#8 commented on: En Noir Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook

Jordan Peterson: Do you buy this directly from The Matrix?



#7 commented on: Menswear Dog – Our Favorite New Tumblr

Richard Barrett: this dog dresses better than I do. *depressed*



#6 commented on: Nike x Undefeated ‘Bringback’ Pack – A First Look

Cam: Defeated!



#5 commented on: Star Wars Inspired Death Star Lollipops

André Barros: Diabetes: something Jedis can’t fight.



#4 commented on: Watch the Redband ‘Spring Breakers’ Trailer – Now With Boobs

Martin DESCOURS: they look like poneys, but for humans



#3 commented on: i-D Celebrates 25 Years of Kate Moss with 6 Covers

Sean Wyatt: this picture gave me the opposite of a boner



#2 commented on: BLTEE by Brian Lichtenberg Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook

Mr. Niubi: This stuff is great if you’re looking to burn down a building and you need rags to soak in gasoline first. PERFECT for large fires.



#1 commented on: Kanye West’s New Album Is Called “Rich Black American”?

Muris Halilović: Poor White Bosnian don’t give a fuck

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