A very familiar foodie joins us on the first installment in our Travel Series. Currently residing in Los Angeles by way of New York, Gourmet Footwear co-founder Jon Buscemi gives us his ‘Top 5’ restaurants in Los Angeles. From classic burgers, authentic sushi, down to his native NY and Italian roots, Buscemi breaks it down on where to dine on your next visit to the ‘City of Angels’.

Top 5 LA Restaurants:

1) Bay Cities Deli: for Santa Monica/ LA to have a deli 75% equivalent to deli’s I grew up with in NY is a plus for me. They also have a patented Italian bread that compares to no other. Order online and pick it up to avoid bullshit waiting.

2) Applepan: Burgers were perfected in LA and Applepan is my favorite. These guys have been doing the same thing for 40-50 years. Order the Hickory, fries and Apple Pie Ala Mode. Your good!

3) Ink: For the foodie in me I have to say iNK. do a tasting menu with wine pairing and your in good hands. Michael Voltaggio is #1 in LA when it comes to this type of eating. Order the oysters in the pot… my favorite.

4) Al Gelato: there are many decent Southern Italian spots in LA ( Cafe Angelino/ Dan Tana’s) but the best casual Italian is Al Gelato. Its the best of Italy with sweet tomato sauce, rigatoni and order the meatball is a must. The bread is unique and the best around. Save some room for a piece of chocolate cake or italian macaroon.

5) Sushipark: under the radar and super strict. These 2 elements always make the best sushi places. No menu, no bullshit. Go in and ask for them to feed you. That’s it. Best sushi maybe in all of California–.

Look out for more installments of Travel Tuesday, with locals giving you the best spots to hit on your next trip.

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