Man of the World Issue 2 James Franco Charlie Hunnam 1

Issue two of Man of the World is out now and we must say it is a strong one. For those that love photography, you will enjoy high impact product and modeled images supporting the magazine’s ad-free model. We get dual covers once again from Man of the World: Charlie Hunnam and James Franco are captured for issue 2. Inside the very best in product is covered as well as a look into the shopping capital of the world: Tokyo. The likes of Brandon Flowers, Nick Wooster and others are profiled.

The real win for issue 2 of MotW are their looks and insight on luxury goods. From Patek Philippe to Buggati, readers will share in the experience and craftsmanship that makes these products exceptional. At 224-pages, we cannot cover the complete contents of Man of the World #2, so do yourself a solid and pick up an issue today.

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