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Times are getting tougher. The economy is going down the drain, terrorists are plotting their next big BOOM, and an overall air of anxiety holds us in a chokehold. In times like this we tend to seek comfort in more or less distinctive escapism. This either manifests itself in moving to Berlin and living the hedonistic drug-based lifestyle while struggling to pursue the music career we always dreamt about realizing, before eventually returning to our regular-ass middle of nowhere hometown, giving in to our parents’ wish of starting a semi-secure job as an accountant, or we harken back and glorify ye olden days. This is especially true when it comes to fashion.

Be it by holding on to that ever-present Nike Air Max 1 silhouette, or by rocking an immaculate three piece ensemble, that would make even granddad proud. As this website’s focus still lies more on fashion than doing drugs in Europe, I therefore like to take this opportunity to seek advice from the ghost of fashion’s past, particularly the “King of Cool.” Steve McQueen – actor, race car driver, and the epitome of manliness and badassery – rose to stardom during the 1960s and 70s starring in such classics as Bullit and The Getaway while rocking a timeless and effortless style that prevails even years after his untimely death in 1980. Learn more about it after the jump.


Persol – 714 Folding Sunglasses

Made famous by Steve McQueen who could be seen wearing it on and off the screens, the Persol 714 hasn’t lost any of its initial appeal. The deep honey amber tortoise shell colour is guaranteed to make a bold statement by adding a distinct vintage vibe to your outfit. In a world, which is still dominated by an abunandance of cheap chinese Wayfarer knockoffs, these shades are guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd. You can pick them up at Eyegoodies.


Baracuta – G9 Slim Fit Harrington

The Harrington jacket has seen a lot of knockoffs in its almost 80 years of existence. The famous tartan lined jacket, however, was initially introduced in 1937 by John Miller and his brothers at the Baracuta factory in Manchester. Though it might not be playing in the same league as for example the famed Barbour Wax Jacket or the Burberry Trench, it is still a classic British staple that looks back on a similar rich heritage. Usually rather puffy and baggy fitting, Baracuta now also offers a slimmed down version of their iconic jacket.


Baldwin Denim – White Polo Shirt

That outfit would easily work with just a plain white t-shirt. However, if you wanna spice it up a notch without giving off an overall laid back attitude, go for a basic white polo shirt instead. Get the one above by Baldwin Denim over at Need Supply.

Levi’s – 1960’s 605 Jeans

I’m not sure if Steve McQueen was particularly into Levi’s jeans, but as the in every way  no-bullshit kinda guy he was, he would have surely approved of the ones shown above. They feature a sharp, not too slim fitting silhouette, and a rich dark blue indigo dye colour. Pick them up at Trés Bien.


Converse x COMME des GARCONS PLAY – Jack Purcell

First introduced in 1935 by BF. Goodrich, Jack Purcells, now made by Converse, have definitely stood the test of time. Sporting a similar yet more refined construction as the classic Chucks, they can easily be considered the epitome of smart casualness. The ones above are a limited edition collaboration between Converse and Japanese label COMME des GARCONS PLAY, who added their distinctive heart logo to the shoes sides. Limited numbers are now available via Endclothing.


Timex x J. Crew – Andros Steel Watch

Those who know Steve McQueen and his sense for understated luxe will definitely call me out on this one. It is more or less a proven fact that the actor prefered to adorn his wrist only with the finest timepieces – which was Rolex in particular. However, as we don’t want to go over the top in terms of pricing, turning this into a $10,000 Steve McQueen Halloween costume, we opted for a less expensive yet still tasteful watch, which above all compliments the overall outfit. The timepiece shown above is made in collaboration between two iconic American brands – Timex and J. Crew – throwing together undisputed style and unchallenged craftsmanship. Featuring an unchallenged price-to-style ratio, you definitely can’t go wrong with this one. Get it now at Mr. Porter.



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