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With the upcoming NBA All-Star Game this Sunday, we are happy to offer you a preview of the exclusive Russell Westbrook interview for “The Next Gen Issue” of VMAN magazine, which hits newsstands February 14th. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard, and new face of Jordan brand, sits down with VMAN to talk about his infamous red glasses, how he considers himself a trendsetter and his unpredictable style.

On being a trendsetter:
“From time to time I definitely start seeing people do things after I’ve done them, especially on Twitter and other social media. People always hashtag my name”

On his teammates view on his style:
“They do try to clown on me from time to time, but I don’t pay them any mind. If anything, though, they’re trying to figure me out, to see what I’m going to wear next. “

“The Next Gen Issue” of VMAN is on newsstands tomorrow, 2/14. Be sure to head on over to VMAN tomorrow to check out the interview in full.

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