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vivian maier

Following on from the fantastic Powerhouse Publishing release ‘Vivian Maier – Street Photographer’, featured here a while back, a new film delves deeper into the life of one of the finest street photographers of the twentieth century. Maier shot for over 40 years and strangely never sought to publish her incredible work. A nanny for whom photography was a near obsession, her collection went undiscovered until picked up by chance at an auction, a Mr John Maloof paying $380 for 30,000 prints and negatives focusing on the streets and inhabitants of NYC and Chicago. Maloof, a real-estate agent in his twenties, went on to purchase 700 rolls of undeveloped color film, 100,000 negatives, box upon box of prints as well as some fascinating material via audio tape interviews and home movies. The documentary uncovers the strange life of a fiercely private women hiding a significant talent and a whole bunch of secrets. Directed by Maloof and Charlie Siskel, coming soon and, from the a peek at the trailer below, most definitely not to be missed.

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