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Today we present our second installation of our Travel Series featuring the co-founder of Peas and Carrots Intl., Anwar Carrots. Anwar, who has been running his Peas & Carrots blog and managing up and coming rap artist Casey Veggies, gives us his break down on his ‘Top 5’ Art Galleries in Los Angeles.

Top 5 LA Art Galleries:

1. Guy Hepner

I was leaving an audition on my way to the office on my cruiser on Beverly and saw the silhouette of a Kaws Dissected Companion which lured me in. A fan of art coming to life… Medicom Toy Japan. Got a chance to learn about photographer Chris Heads, saw this big-ass Helmut Newton book that I schemed through in there, and a couple Retna pieces. Real intimate gallery. The shorties that work at the gallery are A-1 as well. (laughs)

2. Known Gallery

Not only is Known Gallery the main gallery I visit regularly with it being on Fairfax and all that… They’re 100% wavy people/artists. I love the whole 7th Letter Branding (7th Letter of the alphabet is G), the artist involved, and they have the best exhibitions in the city in my opinion based on an “on the surface” view for Art. I could bring my homies to the gallery that don’t even fuck with art like that and they feel comfortable.

It’s a welcoming vibe, not that usual “oh I’m artsy, look at the detail, and stare at this for hours to see what the piece says to me” gallery. Just straight up good art. One of my favorite exhibits has to have been the Dabs and Myla installation. I dig art with a lot of color, and animation. Also cool to see a couple in the same field of work come together at something they both love doing – and getting paid for it! All shows are usually on Saturdays and they stay packed. I suggest showing up on time. Early bird gets the worm.

3. HVW8

HVW8 to me is the most “shaded” (as Casey Veggies would say) of the galleries in LA. In my opinion they have the best exhibitions due to the synergy of fashion and music and of course art. With legendary exhibits with Adidas and Snoop, Taz Arnold and Dam-Funk jam sessions, Mos Def Ecstatic Moments and Photographer Cognito, and New Era. He also has a good relationship with one of my favorite artists, Parra. Ran by my guy Tyler, it’s located next door to Joy Rich on the corner of Melrose and Spaulding. It’s a must check out in the city!

4. Michael Kohn

Retna Exhibition is what lead me to choose the Michael Kohn Gallery. Fan of Retnas script and his from-bottom-to-top success story! First heard about and seen Retnas art through a Nike Event I was part of. One of the gifts was a 1 of 1 Retna Script of my name on an AW77 Hood Zip. Still one of my favorite hoodies today! I don’t have much to say on this gallery since that’s the only exhibit I’ve ever seen at this spot. I remember seeing promotion for other exhibitions such as the Mark Ryden exhibit, but wasn’t too interested in going to galleries at the time.

I would ride by on my bike after leaving Kingsbury (boutique I worked at on 3rd St., no longer in business) seeing folks outside curious as to what was going on in there. I wanted to know! That had to have been around 2007 – 2008 but I’ve grown since then. I do know they’ve been around since ’85, and they’ve been putting on museum-quality exhibitions in LA of the work of Andy Warhol (during his lifetime), Keith Haring to name a couple I’m familiar with and those who may be reading are familiar with.

5. OHWOW Gallery

These are the cool cats of the art world to listen to right now. If they say its that wave… Terry Richarsons “Terry Wood” Opening Reception was madd crazy! Red Carpet, Paparazzi everywhere, line was ridiculously long (I for sure jumped the line and snuck in with Peas), OFWGKTA running rampid and shit. Also got me a photo with the legend. (laughs) Gallery is ran by Aaron Bondaroff from aNYthing and Supreme NY (do your homework on the dude) and Al Moran. Have your bread up if you trying to come to their exhibits to cop!

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