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The latest offering from Nikon – the D7100 – replaces the powerful but dated D7000 from three years ago and includes a range of new features. For starters, the D7100 is the last APS-C sensor camera in the line before bumping up to the professional frame format that tacks on another $1,000. Like the D3200 and D5200, the D7100 features a 24MP resolution but skips the low-pass filter since the sensor has been improved to the point of not even needing the filter.

Best of all, the DSLR features a 51-point autofocus system which is only present on one other camera – the $3,000 D800. In addition, the D7100 is the cheapest camera to offer an uncompressed video feed from the HDMI output.

Take a look at the latest model above and look for it to hit shelves next month.

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