Where form meets function

Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg has been working with everyday logos for years now. Travelling around the world, she tailor makes each piece for her host city using brands immediately familiar to local visitors. At the Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas she displays her largest work to date, ‘Wheel of Everyday Life.’ Using familiar branding from the likes of Shell, Heinz and 7Eleven, patterns are repeated in circular form, spreading out across the gallery floor and entrance. Consumerism of course at the center of her work, she also makes reference to Eastern spirituality in the layout, “…large-scale, circular patterns resemble sacred mandalas. Mandalas are cosmological diagrams that symbolically represent the universe and its cycles of life, death, and rebirth.” Here Klinberg discusses this ongoing project and the processes behind creating the piece itself.

Rice Gallery, Houston Texas Until 17 March

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