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It looks like Geneva will once again be a show not to miss. Today we can give you a first look at the Bertone Aston Martin Jet 2+2, an exciting version of the sports car, which will debut in March at the Swiss auto show.

Luxury car customizer Bertone works with Aston Martin since 60 years already. Especially produced for one of their clients and soon live in Geneva, the two present the Bertone Aston Martin Jet 2+2. The Aston Martin Rapide got a Shooting Break make-over, turning the sports car into a family car with 4 full seats. Featuring a 476 HP V12 engine, the Jet 2+2 of course pays hommage to the original Jet from 1961 and the Jet 2 from 2004.

Take a detailed look in the above gallery.

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