Russell Westbrook combines two aspects — style and athletic performance — perfectly. Besides being one of the most interesting basketball stars in the world, many suggest that Westbrook is “without a doubt, the division’s best dressed.” The New York Times, Vogue America, Complex and Sports Illustrated have all stated it.

“I can’t explain it, it’s something I have always felt: I love fashion and I love following it,” Westbrook confessed to Vogue. “Recently, at the London Summer Olympics, I did a lot of shopping and discovered Vivienne Westwood. I really like it.”

Russell is also the only top-level NBA player that doesn’t use a stylist. He dresses himself and doesn’t want to change. “I don’t understand why I should hire someone to dress me. I like following my style, mixing garments that have different inspirations and ambitions. Why leave to someone else the pleasure?”

  • Photography: Peter Ash Lee
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