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Nothing says, ‘I’m wearing a sweatshirt’, more than wearing a sweatshirt. And nothing says, ‘I’m wearing a sweatshirt, but see how I’ve opted for a slightly more sportswear vibe,’ like a marl sweatshirt. The textile composed of a mottled yarn of different coloured threads lends itself to sports basics so well. But this isn’t to say they have to be relegated to gym-only-wear. Don’t waste it. Wear it to work, wear it over a shirt, wear it on a night out and then lend the sweater to a girl complaining about being cold, use it as a conversation starter then take her back to yours and get a picture of her wearing that but nothing else in the morning to put up on Tumblr. Make sure you get it back off her though, that’s a really nice sweatshirt you’ve got there.


Our Legacy Great Sweat

When brands start to use the word bouclé to describe a grey sweatshirts you know they’re not fucking about. According to Oi Polloi, the type of bouclé used on this top gives it a nice stony look not dissimilar to a slate work-surface. What some people like to call a basic, I like to call a fine-grained metamorphic rock. Get one online here.


Paul Smith Men’s Sport Sweat

The second best thing about marl sweatshirts, second to absolutely everything about them, is their variety of names. Paul Smith, usually known for his crisp tailoring, crisply tailored a sweatshirt, nicely combining luxury and sports. And this one comes in grey MELANGE. If that doesn’t sound delicious enough to put over your head then I don’t know what to suggest. Buy one now from Oki-Ni.


Archival Sweatshirt

Dark marls are where things get technical. If the speckles are too big, then you’re at risk of looking like you’re stood under one of those UV lights with a super bad case of dandruff. This Archival sweatshirt in eggplant has a real subtle marl going on, and a block-colour rib V insert to contrast the marl. Buy one online from Open Lifestyle Store.


Thom Browne Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Thom Browne sticks with the sportswear vibe featuring a signature 4 bar sleeve on this sweatshirt, which freshens up the whole look. Taking it from sofa slobbing to wherever you want to go. Buy one now from Soto.


Norse Projects Tristan Overdyed Sweat

This Norse Projects sweat has been overdyed to give way to a really nice wash. Styled to Norse Projects’ usual high standards, the hem and cuffs are textured and ribbed adding the final touch to a great piece. Get it now from End Clothing.


Brooklyn We Go Hard Nakaba Sweat

This BWGH sweatshirt totally ups it game by reversing the material half way down the sleeves. From a distance it might look a little bit like you’re styling a short sleeved t-shirt over a long sleeved t-shirt, but obviously not because nobody does that anymore. Buy it now over at End Clothing.


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