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Although the culture and laws surrounding marijuana sale and consumption have come quite a far way in the past few years, making a living within the industry is still a difficult thing to do. One Los Angeles resident though has managed to support herself and her family by baking pastries made with cannabis butter or oil. The former chief of staff at a nonprofit walked away from her line of work in order to pursue baking full time and selling to local dispensaries. As she tells it,

As soon as my daughter was old enough that I had a little more time, I started baking with marijuana, alongside my friend. At first, I would bake huge batches, but sometimes my cookies could sit around for weeks before they went anywhere. I knew I could develop a niche for myself by using fresh, quality ingredients (like freshly squeezed organic lemons from my mom’s garden). Now I bake everything to order and deliver the goods fresh to a handful of medical marijuana clubs in my neighborhood.

Check out a few images of her trade above and read the full article here.

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