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The new issue of Wired sees Star Wars on its cover, which features a foldout portrait shot by Stockland Martel’s Art Streiber. The story—introduced by comedian Chris Hardwick—details the many things that the next installment of the beloved sci-fi saga must include. Streiber told Stockland Martel that he and his team “were tasked with a cover concept that illustrated the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of the movie series…and an illustrative opener to the package…and six concept executions…and 10 individual character portraits, all in one 13-hour day.”

The person inside the Chewbacca costume is actually married to the person inside the Boushh costume, and their kids are inside the Jawa costumes! And…that’s their fully functional R2 unit.

The concepts we illustrated all came from the experts’ essays about the things they loved about Star Wars…the romance, the amputations, choking, funny droids, and suspending characters by their limbs.

For the opener, Scott wanted to revisit the famous Life photograph of the movie theater filled with people wearing 3D glasses…only he wanted to do it with stormtroopers surrounding Chris Hardwick. And while there are upward of 70 stormtroopers in the photo, there were only 10 in the studio.

That was the shot that took the most time, planning, patience and persistence, and seeing it come together on the monitor was awesome. Special thanks to my digital technician, Eric Vlasic, and my printer/retoucher, Angie Hayes.”

For more information on the issue and the shoot please visit Stockland Martel.

  • Photography: Art Streiber
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