Hell yeah it’s Friday! Let’s compile a little selection of the week’s top comments before heading off for the weekend. Like every week, our diverse group of readers held nothing back (for better or for worse) when voicing their opinions from topics like the G-Shock ‘Black Out’ video to the 20+ richest billionaires of the fashion industry. See all 10 after the jump.

#10 commented on: The 20+ Richest Billionaires in Fashion

“Gavvlak: “I refuse to believe that people still shop at the Gap””


#09 commented on: Watch the Official Trailer for Iron Man 3

“SammySomething: “My crotchel area just got crazy tight…wierd.””


#08 commented on: Life as a Professional Cannabis Baker

“420-247: “How I wish my mom knew how to bake this.””


#07 commented on: Spania GTA Spano

“Miguel Rodriguez: “I’s literally put my knob in it’s exhaust and bang it like a princess…my precious””


#06 commented on: Nike Introduces the Free Trainer 5.0

“Cameron Kirk: “Nike giving out free sneakers?””


#05 commented on: PSY feat. 2Chainz & Tyga – Gangnam Style (Diplo Remix)

“Jorma Bailey: “WHY DO THIS? They beat the dead dog, it woke up and now its burring itself…deeply.””


#04 commented on: Bal Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

“Richard Barrett: “Every generation need photos of themselves wearing bad clothes that they can look back and laugh about.””


#03 commented on: Video: Nigel Sylvester x G-Shock ‘Black Out’

“DatBikeNigga: “YO, dat white bitch be slappin’ a nigga’s chicken all over the sidewalk at 1:00, but den less than 30 seconds later…Da BITCH BE EATIN’ DA SAME CHICKEN! Dis watch must be on some crazy shit, son.””


#02 commented on: Levi Maestro’s Infinity Piece -Rose Gold

“Waiting: “Has anyone seen Levi? He was meant to meet my for a coffe an hour ago!””


#01 commented on: Travel Tuesday: Top 5 Places to Eat in Hawaii with Alex Wong

“Murray McCusker: “Trust me, I am from Hawaii, this guy is wong!””

Words by Georgia Reeve
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