After finding a lump in his man-boob and fearing certain death, Mark (Gavin McInnes), a former comedian, hires the services of Bryan (Liam Aiken), a young, impressionable cameraman, to document important video lessons for Mark’s unborn son. With the help of his new cameraman, Mark gives his own comical, and often crude, interpretation of what it “truly means to be a man.”

A few notes from Gavin McInnes:

How to make a movie: Write it in 3 days. Shoot it in 12 and have the editor work on that day’s footage on the night shift so the whole thing is done from soup to nuts in 15 days. That way it’s in time for the Sundance deadline.

After they say, “Are you insane?” spend the rest of the year submitting it to other festivals that are run by women looking for a heart-warming tale of a blind Cherokee lesbian in a wheelchair who learns how to dance using her heart and her cat. Then give up and put it up on Netflix in 2014. This is also a guide to dying with your boots on.

If you’re a fan of film, you’ll probably enjoy this. Watch the official trailer for “How to be a Man,” above.

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