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As it stands, wallets are still pretty much a daily necessity. If we need to buy a thing then we have to exchange bits of paper and metal for it, or sometimes put a card in a machine for a bit, so it’s important we have someplace safe to keep them all. Even if the contents of your wallet are minimal, invest in something you can take pride in every time you pull it out your pocket, even if only to realise you have to put it away again. Before too long who knows what transactions will take place instead of a cash exchange; scanning a screen on our phones, speaking into a pair of glasses on our head, these aren’t too far from reality so let’s indulge in a tangible product we can hold in our hands whilst we still can. Take a look at our selection of the best wallets available now after the jump.

Commes Des Garcons Embossed Stitch Wallet

I feel like I could quite easily have done ‘A Selection Of Commes Des Garcons Wallets Available Now.’ Their selection is so never ending, but constantly updated with new designs, color ways and fabrics to cater to all but always with the distinct Commes Des Garcon style. This one has a much more laid back style, with its horizontal stitching over dusky grey leather. Buy it now from End Clothing.


Il Busetto Natural Wallet

Small leather goods should stick around for a while, you want to watch them age and collect a random assortment of business cards and receipts and give a little bit in the sections that get fullest. Hopefully the cash money section. This Il Busetto one comes in a nude colored 100% vegetable tanned leather. Buy it now from Goodhood.


Master-piece x PO1 Collaboration Wallet

This compact wallet by Japan’s Master-piece is made in collaboration with extreme sports clothing specialist PO1. Using unique origami folding techniques, the wallet is crafted from one rectangle of durable nylon and the inside various compartments for storage of notes, coins and cards. On top of all this practicality, it still looks damn good. Buy it now from Oki-Ni.


Il Busetto Navy Wallet

Another one from premium Italian brand Il Busetto, this wallet is constructed in navy leather and has a much more businesslike feel to it. Might be down to the polished leather, might be down to the fact it has card slots on the outside so you have ultra-quick access to your money when you’re finalising all those business deals. Available now from Need Supply Co.


This Mismo wallet does something different to most wallets around at the moment, it’s zip goes further round the wallet than most available. This might not seem like a large feat, but instead of delving into the wallet to try and find what you’re looking for, here you can open it up to show the inside in all its glory. Sure, there might be a greater risk of something falling out, but what’s life without a little danger? Get your hands on it in store or online from Soto.


Carven X Porter Wallet

If wallets are all becoming a bit too minimal for you these days, then maybe this Carven X Porter one is just the ticket. It’s check print cotton canvas exterior mean it’s style game is still strong, but open it up and the inside reveals a plethora of compartments. Two zipped pockets inside, three card slots, note slots as well as an exterior pocket. The perfect combination of form and function. Available now over at Colette.


Santiago Gonzales Money Clip

So not technically a wallet, but it would seem a shame to leave out the pinnacle of cash holders – the money clip. Anyone rolling with one of these might as well go all out and pick one up in terracotta orange crocodile skin. With a magnetic closure, you’ll be sure to avoid any difficulty pulling your wad out. I know you hate that. Available now from Mr Porter.


Veja Elastico Soleta Wallet

The Elastico wallet is a stylish and green-minded construction from Veja. It has enough slots inside for all your card, cash and monetary needs, all kept in check with an elastic strap. Everything from the worker’s conditions to the chemicals used to tan the leather has been carefully considered in order to create something that is easy on the planet as well as the eye. Available now from Oi Polloi.

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