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The fragrance industry is far too often consumed by it’s own obsession with branding, advertising, marketing and celebrity endorsements, leaving little time left to focus on the actual product itself: the scent. And yet the internet is still relatively untouched by this business. New online scent company Commodity is set to change all of these things. Allowing customers to test their scents in their own homes, the online ‘scent tailoring’ service provides a base palette of 20 different smells, unpretentious names like ‘gin’, and ‘cloth’, then Commodity send you a pack of 3-day tryout kits, which let you see how the scents will change over time as they interact with your body chemistry. The price point is more than accessible with one 30ml bottle costing $50, which is possible because of the company’s streamlined structure – they spend a fraction of what a big brand would spend on glossy, billboard adverts of naked, oiled up models writhing around.

Check it out on Kickstarter here.


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