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To round out the end of the first quarter we present 10 albums that have already released or will release in March. In order to give more weight to the wide selection of studio albums available this month, mixtapes and EPs have respectfully been excluded. Our picks this time range from indie releases to the mega mainstream with a healthy amount of albums that straddle the line thrown in between. In any case you’re sure to find at least 1 album you’re into, but hopefully all 10 are to your liking. Check out all 10 below in no particular order.

1. David Bowie – The Next Day

The British legend returned surprisingly and strongly with his 27th studio album The Next Day. Teased with the single “Where Are We Now?,” Bowie’s latest work received widespread critical acclaim upon its release and added yet another seminal album in the musician’s expansive repertoire.

Download your copy here.

2. Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience

Another strong and anticipated comeback, the pop star once again teamed up with hit-maker Timbaland for his 3rd studio album and first in 7 years. Led by the hit single “Suit & Tie” featuring the Jigga man himself, early reviews and the ability to stream the album in its entirety have gotten new and old fans properly excited for the multi-talented star’s return.

Download your copy here.

3. Rhye – Woman

By far the best Sunday afternoon love making music produced so far this year, Rhye’s Woman is an intimate, sensual, and oftentimes haunting album created as a low-key collaboration between Denmark’s Robin Braun and Canada’s Mike Milosh in Los Angeles, California. Definitely worth a listen or twelve, depending on how active or lackluster your sex life is.

Download your copy here.

4. The Strokes – Comedown Machine

An album with a lot resting on it, the New York band’s 5th studio album sees them heading in a more experimental direction if their first single is any indication. While it’s nearly impossible to top the phenomenal success of their debut album Is This It, The Strokes’s 5th album should add another solid album to their influential discography.

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5. Blue Hawaii – Untogether

Named after the 1961 Elvis Presley film Blue Hawaii, the Canadian duo’s debut full-length release was written separately and recorded gradually over the course of 2 years. The result is a diverse yet cohesive album that blends ethereal synth sounds with punchy dance floor beats and is well worth a few spins.

Download your copy here.

6. Wavves – Afraid of Heights

Although only in their 5th year as a band, San Diego’s Wavves have geared up to release their 4th studio album Afraid of Heights. Since their formation in 2008, the has pumped out irreverent yet accessible surf rock songs that are as quick they are energetic. Look for the album to hit stores beginning March 26th.

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7. Autechre – Exai

Although released digitally in February, the physical manifestation of the legendary duo’s latest album was released on March 5th to generally critical acclaim. At 2 hours long the album is far from a quick and easy listen, but the length is perfect for any impromptu dance party that’s looking for a more off-hands approach. I’m looking at you guy-who-no-one-at-the-party-knows-but-for-whatever-reason-decides-he-gets-to-be-the-DJ-for-the-night.

Download your copy here.

8. Lil Wayne – I Am Not a Human Being II

Following Weezy’s recent hospitalization, the New Orleans rapper is due to release his 10th studio album to a fanbase that has remained hopeful despite sluggish advancement since his rise to the top in 2008 with Tha Carter III. His latest album includes guest appearances from some of hip-hop’s biggest names but only time will tell if the album furthers Wayne’s legacy or if it sees him continuing to wallow in the muddy waters of complacency.

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9. Woodkid – The Golden Age

Yoann Lemoine, the talented music video director and musician known as Woodkid, already had an impressive list of accomplishments under his belt including directing music videos for Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey before starting his own musical project. Now the French musician has released his first full length album and just like his ambitious videos, the album is well worth your time.

Download your copy here.

10. Depeche Mode – Delta Machine

Set to release on March 22nd, the English band’s 13th studio album is certain to produce a handful of hits along with an abundance of remixes and mash-ups. The European and North American tour following the release of the album should see the iconic band performing new hits alongside a wealth of classics.

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Let us know what you think of our picks and which new albums you’ve been spinning this month in the comments section below.

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