The folks over at Sabotage Times have put together a fantastic piece on British skateboarding legend, Tom Penny. Penny started skating in Oxford at a young age with “no external skating influences other than the friends he skated with.” It wasn’t until he gained the sponsorship from ex-pro Sean Goff and moved to the US that he started to gain real coverage from UK skate magazines such as Skate and Rad.

By ’96, Penny had placed both 3rd and 1st in the UK Championships at Radlands, received acclaim from the likes of Tony Hawk and been on the front cover of Transworld. He was just 19 years old.

There’s false modesty that comes with someone desperate to be seen as a role model to younger generations, then there’s Tom Penny, who is simply happy not to be seen. His clothing style has remained the same as it was when he was in his late teens, as does his long hair. Most importantly of all though, the style in which he skates has not changed since he was 13 years old.

It’s said that he has a habit of jumping down flights of stairs without looking how far down they go and his board always just seemed to be an extension of himself because of how fluidly he can skate. Skin Phillips, Transworld’s editor in chief said, ‘He (Penny) sort of didn’t realize—I don’t think he’s ever realized the impact he’s had on skateboarding.’

Please visit Sabotage Times for the entire article.

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