Where the runway meets the street
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Italian based C.P. Company recently put an urban spin on their signature outerwear with a project called “24 C.P. Company twenty four project.”  The idea behind the project according to C.P.:

“People aim at surviving, they tend to adapt to the surrounding environment. At every hour, they are stimulated by different spurs: every hour of the day is made of different meetings in places with the most diverse characteristics. It is possible to wake up in a spot of the world and fall asleep in another one, maybe located at its antipode.”

We like the idea, and we recently tried out a couple of pieces from the collection. Both styles were constructed up to the normal C.P. Company standards with taped seams, plenty of pockets and functional hoods (detachable hood on the blue jacket).

From a style perspective, they are urban appropriate by the fact that they don’t necessarily look like technical pieces. 24 C.P. Company twenty four project is definitely worth checking out.

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