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If you’re a guy and you read blogs, and if you’re not then you’re probably a girl who reads blogs, even though they’re catering solely for men just because a) they are cool and b) most of you wear menswear these days anyway. Either way you should know that the devil is in the detail. I’m not even one hundred percent sure what that phrase means but I am sure that fashion week tripped out on making a trend out of the tiny little things. Full street style blog posts honing in on the gloves, the inches of ankle on show from the folded up trouser-leg, the origami chest pocket handkerchief. Don’t feel overwhelmed by these options, feel limited, because most of them were relatively unpractical anyway. An outfit detail you can and probably should get on board with is a decent belt. Belts are round most of the time but sometimes straight, (usually when not in use). We’ve chosen seven of our favorites available now for your viewing and buying pleasure, check them out after the jump.


Capybara Neopolitan Belt

Why go for a high-end take on a Argentinian Capybara leather Polo belt when you can buy an Argentinian Capybara leather Polo belt for just 70 of your well earned US Dollars? It’s sort of like that time your friend went travelling and brought you back a 100% alpaca llama wool jumper from Peru except it’s way nicer, you actually want to wear it this time and it doesn’t make you look like a giant crust. Buy yours online direct from Gaucho Belts.


Mauro Grifoni Belt

Woven belts like these remind me of Dad’s on holidays. Stocked in beachfront shops that for some reason decide leather goods are a speciality of theirs. Alongside small leather bags that hang from your neck on string and leather band bracelets with your name embossed into it, hopefully, unless your name is Maude in which case you will never find your name and you’ll always come home with nothing but an identity complex and bitter resentment towards your parents for choosing such a non-existent name. This belt by Mauro Grifoni is definitely a step above those ones, and the kind of belt that will lead you on the path towards adulthood; hopefully one where you will be more mindful when choosing your daughter’s name. Buy yours now from The Corner.


Paul Smith Hand Burnished Belt

This is the kind of belt you buy after you’ve secured a business deal. In the hope that now you’ve been taken seriously, if you take yourself more seriously and buy a grown up belt it will not only help keep your pants up but also make you look super professional. Removing your suit jacket revealing underneath a shirt tucked into pants held up by this leather belt and woah, this guy means business, I better secure this business deal with him straightaway. Leather belts like this only get better with age, and the more worn it gets, the more business deals it will seem like you’ve racked up. Even if you haven’t. Is that a good thing? Buy it now from End Clothing.


Part’s Of Four Crocodile Buckle Belt

I’m a sucker for packaging. It makes the purchase feel like an instant present to yourself. If spending £669.00 on yourself wasn’t a big enough present on its own. This Part’s Of Four belt comes in a solid black wooden box, which seems quite appropriate for a belt made entirely out of dyed-black crocodile leather. Cage the beast. It’s way too classy for anyone to make Crocodile Dundee jokes, and if they try to just remind them you’re channelling Kanye West’s Autumn Winter 2013 collection. Buy it now from LN-CC.


Carven Printed Leather Belt

Carven’s Spring Summer collection totally smashed it, their floral embroidered jumper was so wrong on paper but so right in reality that it’s already pretty much sold out everywhere. If some of the items were veering on the effeminate side of things for you but you’re still keen to make it clear you’re up to date with trends and you know what’s hot, dip your toe in with this floral printed belt. It’s subtle enough that from a distance it just sort of looks like pale leather but detailed enough that if you let people get up close you’ll get the props deserved for such a nice belt. You can get hold of yours over at Far Fetch.


Folk Buckley Belt

Folk love a woven belt. But not as much as we love them for making them. Definitively Spring-like in an ecru cotton with a blue, red and yellow zig zag woven pattern, I’m not sure I can even think of anything smarmy or witty to say about this belt. It’s just really nice. Damnit. Buy yours online now from Folk.


Andersons Wool Belt

Italians are the don’s of small leather goods, even if I have to mix up my European cultures. Andersons have been making high quality artisan belts since 1966 and this speckled grey belt has been handmade using premium wool and finished with suede and a brushed metal buckle. The marl wool and dark suede are just one of those winning combinations. Like peanut butter and jam, you just want to congratulate the person who first decided on putting them together because they will never even come close to realising how much they have changed your breakfasts, and for the better. This one you can buy online from The Great Divide.

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