Hansen for Tivoli Audio Sound Sideboard & Radio Rack 2

Award-winning German-Danish designer Gesa Hansen, collaborated with Tivoli Audio on a new collection of furniture specifically made to house the Tivoli Audio hardware. The “Hansen for Tivoli Audio” Collection is comprised  of two units that marry minimal design with sustainably grown wood.

The Sound Sideboard is handmade and stores up to four Tivoli Audio separates as well as books and magazines. Users can select different colors and finishes to match their Tivoli Audio components. Consider the Model Two radio and speakers alongside the Model CD Player to match the Sound Sideboard

The Radio Rack is a beautiful audio/reading stand made to hold their Tivoli Audio Radio and your collection of magazines and books. Place it next to your sofa for easy access. A very compact rack and one that will remain in your collection for some time.

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