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All great actors know—grooming is at the heart of the role. Jeff Bridges as The Dude? That laid-back cup of California cool rests his laurels firmly on a bushy goatee. The only thing separating Danny Trejo from Adrien Brody? Four inches of pure intimidation in the form of a handlebar mustache. Hollywood leading men rely on stylists and makeup artist to achieve their signature look, but thanks to a new collection from Axe and Philips Norelco, you can get the A-list look at home. From Clooney to Pitt to Caine, here are some pro tips to copping that cinematic style.

The Alfie

Long before Jude Law was able to sprout facial hair, Michael Caine took to the screen as a bare-faced London playboy in “Alfie.” Living a life full of birds and booze isn’t easy, and you may think that it was the Cockney accent and Windsor knot that carried him through. Not so—the young Caine’s success is owed to an unkempt pair of ‘burns and a buttery smooth shave.

Caine probably used a straight razor to achieve his shadow-free look, but now it’s 2013 and you’ve got technology on your side. The Axe Philips Norelco Electric Razor is equipped with two floating heads for a close and flexible shave. Best of all, the shaver is fully washable and cordless. Use it, and you’ll be swinging in no time.

The Mickey

The trick here is pretty straightforward—forego the head and face, focusing all of your grooming energy on the torso. Brad Pitt does this pristinely as Mickey in “Snatch,” a grooming feat that he later reprises as Tyler Durden. You don’t have to be a bare knuckle boxer to appreciate the aerodynamic aesthetic that comes with a hairless chest, but it certainly helps.

This is a look that takes patience, so the Axe Philips Norelco Bodygroom is there to get it done in record time. The unit is cordless with both wet and dry functionality, so you can shed that coat in the shower where nobody will be the wiser. There’s also a length guard that you can use to get a close—but not totally bald—shave.

The Everett

Before giving over to refined Italian sensibilities, George Clooney boldly groomed himself in full Appalachian style as Everett McGill in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” McGill’s Dapper Dan wax may be behind the slicked-back coiffure, but we all know it’s that perfectly measured stubble and pencil-thin mustache that wins his wife over in the end.

The Axe Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer has 20 length settings to tame your growth to precise proportions. Couple that hard-earned shadow with the Axe Philips Norelco Detail Styler for an accent mustache, and you’re just a banjo away from becoming one of The Soggy Bottom Boys.


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