If you didn’t know already, this weekend is Easter bank holiday. Originally celebrated by Christians commemorating the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the term ‘bank holiday’ actually derives from the closure of capitalism’s evil core, the banks. Surely this is sort of already undermining the original intentions of the occasion? Now it’s an extended weekend we often use as an excuse to party harder, for longer, because this time we’re not gonna have to wake up on Monday morning. Possibly regarded by many as sacrilegious, I see the only way to please all parties; friends, family, religious sects; be prepared for every possible situation. Maybe if your alarm goes off at it’s usual time on Friday morning, realising you have no work to attend will incite a faith within you never knew you had, in which case go forth and give thanks. Maybe you’ll wake up and fall straight back to sleep, over tired with excitement when you realise it’s a bank holiday. Maybe you’ll wake up and already have a load of missed calls from your mates who are still at the club from the night before. Either way, we’ve got all bases covered.

Soulland Bomholt New Pants Navy

This whole casual wear/sports wear thing is a fashion mine field where I just don’t know what’s safe and what isn’t anymore. NYC store Kith recently dropped their White Label lookbook which featured a guy a girl and a little boy in their mercer pants, basically a cotton twill tapered sweatpant. This shit is family friendly! We already know it’s cool to roll up to the club in sweatpants, (maybe? is it?) and now you know you can legitimately wear them to easter dinner with your family, as long as your better half/kid brother is wearing a matching ones. This navy Soulland pair you can buy online from Voo Store.

Super Giaguaro Trio Sunglasses

Ordinarily we would be all ‘Ohhh it’s Easter, it’s April, Bank holiday, the sun, your eyes, buy sunglasses’. This time, though, we can’t really just shout words at you because we’re all feeling a bit sensitive because of the current weather situation. But we can hope and pray and maybe God will swing things our way considering it’s his son’s big day and all. If not, this Super pair’s delicate arms feature little segments of bright teal and orange. Maybe if we all huddle round them the glow will provide us with some vitamin D. Buy yours online from Goodhood Store.

Acne Isherwood Shirt

This is the Acne Isherwood shirt in black. Isherwood is also the name of a British novelist who moved to Berlin in 1930 and wrote a couple of semi-autobiographical novels, using his own hedonistic experiences as the content for his books. This shirt might not exactly represent that, it’s a nice simple black shirt that will definitely take your pants from couch to club, but it’s a pretty romantic thought. Go find a sparsely decorated interior roastery coffee house where you can sit and read one of his books while wearing it. Alternatively hit your biggest and best club. Either are appropriate odes to the writer. Buy the shirt online from Acne.

Common Projects Rec in Nabuck

After our last Buyer’s Guide, A Selection Of The Best Slip On Sneakers, it feels like the only shoes I can imagine anyone wearing from now on are slip ons. I love them. They’re so humble but dope. Just like how I’d imagine Jesus to be. But I had to open up my eyes and realise there are still other kinds. Just like religion. The above pair from Common Projects are a fair compromise. It would feel trashy to go all out with a technological trainer on a religious bank holiday, these say basic but not basic bitch. A casual low top style in premium nubuck, find them online from Norse Store.

Wood Wood Andrianov Jacket

April means Spring which means TRANSITIONAL JACKET. You can’t go straight from a winter coat to a summer jacket, what the hell are you thinking? You’ll be too hot or too cold. This Wood Wood one comes in a nice grey-mauve-I’m not really sure all over animal print. Don’t let this emasculate you, because it’s got like front pockets, side pockets, so many pockets for you to keep all your tools and knives and other masculine things in. If that’s not your bag, it’s even better for carrying your bible in to mass. Get yours now online from Wood Wood.

Bill Amberg Hunter Leather Tote Bag

So obviously if you’re unsure of your weekend plans it’s good to have yourself a little freshen up kit in your bag to enable you to go straight from mass to party, or vice versa. A rucksack would be too obvious, if you’re going to chill with your family you don’t want them knowing you’re ducking out early to replace them with strangers in a club where you’re gonna float about among them like a piece of driftwood. This finely crafted leather tote from Bill Amberg is gonna smarten up your whole game. Buy it now from Mr Porter.

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