It’s Friday and the week finally culminates in its end. An early end this time. I hope your’re prepping for a long weekend of Easter Holiday fun. To get you started with the fun part here is our weekly round up of our top comments taken from Facebook and the Highsnobiety webpage. Check it out and maybe you’ll find your name somewhere in the post. Get the full story after the jump.


#10 commented on: Exclusive Preview of Hunger Magazine Spring/Summer 2013 Covers feat. Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea, Grimes & Others

B’Tol Bristol: “Shouldn’t it be ‘Thirsty’?!”


#09 commented on: The R131 Fighter Motorcycle by Confederate

Garry Dow: “Corners like an aircraft carrier.”


#08 commented on: Check Out The Most Expensive T-Shirt In The World – The 90’000 USD Hermès Croc T-Shirt

Daniel J. Rautenbach: “I’ll bet $90 000 Kanye’s already bought it.”


#07 commented on: Mr. Gentleman Spring/Summer 2013 Editorial by COOL TRANS Magazine

Alec Gatenby: “Oh, did someone just fart?”


#06 commented on: Nudie Jeans Launches Post Recycled Denim Rugs

Da Burger King: “but can you wear it?”

Deaunte Shugart: “As a skirt.”


#05 commented on: Click, Print, Gun: The Inside Story of the 3D Printed Gun Movement

Cool BC: “Do they come more douchey than this guy? I’m sure his fetish is doggie, guns in both hands, eye-f@cking his gigantic american flag over his bed singing the anthem…”


#04 commented on: 10.Deep Spring 2013 Delivery Two Lookbook

jen: “What is the name of the model in this photo?”

DanDan: “You wish girl.”


#03 commented on:“I Am A God” is the Title of a New Kanye West Song, Not His Album

Davide Pintaldi: “No mate, you’ re not Morgan Freeman, i’m sorry.”


#02 commented on: Irina Shayk for ‘Natural Beauty’ by James Houston

Filipe de Colofon: “In your face Messi!”



#01 commented on: Ben Baller Talks About “The World’s Largest Diamond & Gold Chain Ever” for The Hundreds

Adelyne Débora: “Now try to make them fit in his ass.”

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