We’re back after a few Tumblrless weeks with 5 more Tumblrs for you to check out. This week’s selection includes a healthy mixture of girls, wrestling, sneakers, design, and other things that are or were at one point a big part of your life. Follow this week’s picks and post your Tumblr in the comments section below. Who knows, maybe you’ll see yours here next week.

Lev Rukhin – Good, original shots of LA’s less glamorous areas are a dime a dozen but Lev Rukhin’s shots accurately capture the resilience of the locals.

Haw-lin – this blog’s image collection includes everything from Keanu Reeves to Keith Haring with everything in between. You’ll be scrolling down the diverse yet cohesive collection for a long time.

Free Parking – Gathering art and art related things from around the world, Free Parking includes everything from a rejection letter from MoMA to Andy Warhol written in 1956. Definitely worth your time.

People Still Free – This one comes to us courtesy of our last post’s comments section. Guns, motorcycles, girls, and tattoos are certainly an interest of People Still Free.

Retrospeckt – This one has it all: movie stills, wrestling, the NBA, and girls. Honestly, what else is there?

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