You’d be surprised at how many interesting, weird and downright creepy emails we receive on a weekly basis. Rather than deleting them, we thought we as an editorial staff would take a crack at answering some of the questions that pique our interest and post them every Friday. From sartorial questions to matters of the human body, nothing is too weird…unless it is and now we’re alerting the proper authorities. To the questions!

Reader Shaun L. asks: Can you imagine what a modern day version of The Sandlot would be like? As The Sandlot readies to celebrate its 20th anniversary (which we covered here) this is a great question to ponder. Well, it’s safe to assume that kids these days aren’t getting together for pick-up games as much as they used to back in the 1960s. Blame it on technology. Blame it on the hormones in food. Blame it on the rain. I think it’s safe to assume that in this day and age a logline for The Sandlotwould look something like this

When a group of kids waiting in line for the new Supreme drop try to sneak inside, the newest kid loses his Air Yeezy and hijinks ensue.

Reader Darren H. from Facebook asks: Do you think the world would be a safer, happier place if we all dressed in military uniforms like the North Koreans? I was with Darren for a moment until he brought up North Korea. North Korea isn’t that drunk uncle who shows up to the BBQ and slaps around the cold cuts, drinks all the beer and ends up asleep in your little sister’s room listening to Ace of Base records. He’s certifiably crazy and anything but harmless. I see Darren’s point – using style of dress to show a global solidarity – but I don’t think we should be using Kim Jong-un and his uptown fade as an example of rational thinking.

Reader Burnsy asks: Would you rather fight a hundred Lebron James’ the size of ducks or one duck the size and strength of the actual LeBron James? The age-old debate rages on. We’ve seen permutations of this question in the past – in which the supposed combatant has to choose between countless opponents with the ferocity of a champion, or a single pugilist that is much larger than it should be; in this case, a large fowl with a receding hairline. As long as we’re on the subject of athletes and birds, any chance Chris “Birdman” Anderson could be my tag-team partner? But I digress…

Reader Johnny Blaze (sweet and appropriate name bro) asks: 52 percent of Americans now believe marijuana should be legal. What’s Highsnob’s official opinion on the whacky tobaccy? 52 percent, huh? This marks a significant change of opinion since a 1969 poll where only 12 percent favored legalization.  I’ll just leave this thing here to let you know our opinion on these matters.

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