Tune in and turn up

This week we’ve selected our favourite videos of the week and are quietly confident you won’t have seen a number of these anywhere else. We’ve got Brooklyn nightlife, blooming flowers, and the world’s smallest car, all for your viewing pleasure.

Neonfaith – Escape (Dir. Darin Quan)

A bunch of slick, unsuspecting Brooklyn kids get invites to the kind of party we never do. Those swirling light shots towards the end are fantastic.

Rhye – Open (SOHN Remix)

SOHN has taken this track a long way from its original home in terms of atmosphere and progression. A fantastically layered and intricate remix fits perfectly with the video’s flourishing flowers and fleeting backdrops.

Woolfy – Junior’s Throwin Craze (Dir. Shadi Perez)

In times of economic hardships it’s nice to see at least one successful artist keeping it real. Simon James, aka Woolfy cruises around in his Peel P50 aka the world’s smallest city car. Way to cut down on your carbon emissions, Simon. Good luck fitting the groupies in that thing after your set though…

Phoenix – Entertainment (Homemade Footage)

This video had to make the cut simply because it’s so much better than the original K-pop botch job they released last month.

Primal Scream – It’s Alright, It’s OK (Dir. Douglas Hart & Ben Crook)

Watching this video for the first time is likely to end in experiencing one of life’s pivotal moments; everything seems to stop whilst things get put into perspective. It’s uplifting, inspiring and with Gillespie’s voice particularly reminiscent of Jagger in his earlier days, a sunshiney, free-lovin’ blast from the past.

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