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Following up our cover art teaser, today we present the 50th Mixed Tape from the Mixed Tape Music section of Mercedes-Benz’s mb! Magazine. Featuring the artwork of Craig Redman aka Darcel Disappoints, the latest Mixed Tape is comprised of 10 tracks from a diverse range of artists. Since taking off in 2004, mb! Magazine’s Mixed Tapes have been downloaded over 40 million times and have featured chart-topping artists like Wagner Love in Japan and Fat Freddy’s Drop in New Zealand.

The full tracklist for the 50th Mixed Tape includes:

“Coastal Lines feat. Allie Hughes” – Paradise Animals
“Lover” – Young Hare
“Nocturnal” – The Sea Life
“Unreal Love” – Vows
“Sure Enough” – Red Sails
“Turn Around” – Miu
“Rocket Trip” – Kognitif
“Just A Place” – Kurare feat. Theo Steuernagel
“Actress” – Steady Sun
“Donnie” – New Desert Blues

Take a look at the cover art and a few of the featured artists above and download your free copy straight from the source or stream the tracks via Spotify.

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