By now you’ve probably read enough journalistic hyperbole hating from afar on the very notion of Coachella and its attendees and their dress codes and their attitudes. But where are all the alternatives? It’s easy enough to negatively criticize a festival where you can separate all the punters into two categories; those with a Native American heritage and those poorly trying to emulate it through Urban Outfitters’ culturally appropriated headwear accessories. But the joys of staying at home stretch further than being able to stream the bands online, which is shit anyway because sometimes, in fact most times, I’d actually rather experience something firsthand instead of through someone else’s hazy fucking lens. When the banality of just another weekend comes up in opposition against sleeping in a tent in 40 degree heat for four nights because you couldn’t afford the growing prices of a condo, how appealing is banality right now? We’ve put together an outfit so suited for everyday that you basically couldn’t wear it anywhere else but everyday. Enjoy your weekends folks, wherever you are (except Coachella).


Common Arvid Bomber

Sportswear might not be uncommon on a festival site, but it usually comes in its most revealing form. Racerback vests, ‘vintage’ running shorts, bikini tops. Trying to keep cool are you? Didn’t anybody tell you that the smartest way of keeping cool is to wear a full outfit made from lightweight breathable muslin cloth? Thankfully back in the city, or wherever you are, maybe you’re not in the city, we get to wear that real classy sportswear. I’m talking this Common Arvid Bomber. And no, it doesn’t come in muslin cloth. Get your hands on one now from Tres Bien.


Nike Roshe Run

The sneaker squads’ latest sweetheart, the Nike Roshe Run, takes comfy trainers to a whole new level. But that canvas upper provides minimal protection in times of danger, leaving your feet in tatters quicker than it takes your favorite band to play all of their hits, in order. And the color? Stone grey with neon yellow tonal accents? Don’t even get me started on what that will end up as. More like sludge brown with accents that are barely even tonal anymore. Get hold of a pair now from Firmament.


Good Worth Sweet Leaf Key

What do you need with you when you wanna go back to your place? A key. What do you need when you’re staying in a tent at Coachella? Not a key. Unless you’re one of those guys who padlocks there tents, which is seriously ill-advisable unless you’re looking to attract attention to anyone looking for a tent with valuables inside, in which case they’ll probably use their own key to slice into the side it. Don’t feel like you’re missing out on all the fun though, this little key has a marijuana leaf on the top of it. I know right? What next, a pen that doubles up as a glow stick? Get hold of one from Goodhood.


Soulland x Babar Celeste Paris Short Sleeve Shirt

Don’t sleep on this next drop from Soulland which features Babar and his friends from the book Histoire de Babar. Babar was the original gentleman, perfectly suited for the designs in this collection. Too good to be wasted on people who are wasted, you don’t want to take it anywhere near them. And if you’re at a festival wearing a shirt, you know that shirt has to be unbuttoned the whole way down to allow the channel of sweat dripping down your torso. This is not that kind of shirt. Buy yours now before they sell out from SOTO.


Levi’s Made and Crafted Drill Chino

Even the majority of people attending Coachella are probably the archetypal chino wearers; they’ll totally trick you into thinking otherwise with all the different things they’re wearing to get into their festival persona. Good. These chinos are too good to be worn by the likes of them anyway. This Levi’s pair are available to buy now from oki-ni.


Illesteva Marco Round Frame Sunglasses

Just because it’s not searingly hot, doesn’t mean sunglasses won’t be a necessary addition to your outfit this weekend. And this way, you can enjoy some rays at a more reasonable temperature without having to endure the anxiety of keeping them safely in your grasp whilst being jostled about in the midst of a group of spring breakers smoking weed from all manner of novelty objects. Don’t let them have your sunglasses, they’ll probably put a lighter to them thinking it’s another pipe. Buy this Illesteva pair now from MR PORTER.

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