Tune in and turn up

This weekend we bring you chicken suits, scantily-clad dancers and Greek statues along with a brand new video from Frank Ocean. With that in mind, sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest and greatest from the past week.

Postiljonen – Supreme (Dir. Ty Olson)

The Swedish/Norwegian dream-pop outfit have really done it this time. Perhaps an ode to all the sexually confused and lovelorn teenagers across the land, this new video offering – courtesy of Ty Olson – depicts a love triangle between fresh-faced, American Apparel-esque 20-somethings. If that’s not enough to grab you by the (blue) balls, just look at that ragged and beautiful coastal backdrop.

Le Youth – C O O L

Not only did Le Youth manage to sex-up an already tantalizingly erotic set of vocals (taken from Cassie’s “Me & U”), he’s just released the jaw-dropping visuals. Transitioning from slick monochrome footage to vibrant backdrops, bursting with color… OK I confess, this one’s all about the girl. I dare you to disagree.

Chance The Rapper – NaNa (Dir. Hannibal Buress)

After being handed $5,000 (it’s not as visually gratifying as you’d expect) Chance and stand-up comedian turned director, Hannibal Buress set out to blow it on a ridiculous assemble of props.
Frank Ocean – Lost (Dir. Francisco Soriano)

Posted to Frank’s Tumblr a few hours ago and apparently filmed last summer, this gorgeous montage details the OF crooner’s exploits on both sides of the channel and beyond.

Panteros666 – Hyper Reality (Dir. Pantero666 & Ines Marzat)

I’m not even gonna attempt to explain this video or why it’s so awesome. Here’s what Victor Watel aka Panteros666 had to say about it: “In the ‘Hyper Reality’ video, I integrate the parallel world in a human body. I did not use my body because it’s shit, I mean it does not look like a Greek statue enough. I needed a real bodybuilder. Woodkid had the great idea to introduce me to François Sagat. He’s a famous homosexual pornstar who now performs. I asked him if he’d accept to play the role of a cyborg statue for me, and he loved the idea.”


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