Tune in and turn up

What an incredible week we’ve had for new music video releases. In fact, bold as it may sound, I don’t think we’ve ever compiled a better set of videos during the entire history of this series. Megaforce manages to potentially ruin a young man’s life forever whilst Reptile Youth depict a seedy night of debauchery, somehow maintaining a stark, Scandinavian beauty. We really have got five fantastic videos for you this week so be sure to check them all out below. You won’t be disappointed.

Is Tropical – Dancing Anymore (Megaforce)

Megaforce and Kitsuné have teamed up to create something every teenage boy (and my desperate housemates) can relate to. Good luck to this guy ever making it as an actor.

Reptile Youth – Morning Sun (Dir. John Londono)

Esben Valløe and Mads Damsgaard aka Reptile Youth are being tipped as Denmark’s next big musical export. Londono is also fast making a name for himself having previously worked with the likes of Grimes and Charlotte Gainsbourg to name but a few. A rather woeful tale is told here, however things somehow seem to end optimistically thanks to that morning sun.

SOHN – Bloodflows (Dir. Christian Pitschi)

Producer/singer-songwriter SOHN has just been signed to 4AD with ‘Bloodflows’ set to be released in June. Here the beautiful Nadja Langer stars as a mysterious figure caught in the Bavarian Alps amongst smoke and flames.

Quadron – Hey Love (Dir. Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen and Coco O.)

Quadron are another dynamic duo hailing from Denmark and with singer Coco O. being featured on the Jay-Z-produced The Great Gatsby soundtrack, we’re tipping these guys for big things.

Psychic Twin – Dream State (Dir. Jason Lester & Casey Stein)

It’s like I’ve fallen in love with the girl next door all over again. Only this time she’s in the form of Erin Fein (whilst my current filly on the block is an 80-year-old widower with varicose veins and racist undertones). “Dream State” is an incredibly apt name for both song and video as Fein’s vocals and Lester and Stein’s direction create a mysterious and elusive audiovisual experience.

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