That transition from winter dress to summer dress is like learning to ride a bicycle. When you start you think how the hell does anyone do this? No way man this is impossible, I’m never gonna be able to. And then as soon as you can you think, oh right well this is easy, when could I ever not? But that time seems to be already upon us, so it might be time to reevaluate your outfits in accordance with the rising temperatures. Stay in your jeans until the perspiration mounts on your upper lip and then just jump straight in at the deep end with shorts, I say. No messing about with stabilizers. If the sun’s out then chances are you’re gonna want to stay in direct line of it for as long as possible, so head straight for the park armed with beers, snacks, mates, and any good looking little dogs you have and stay there until the moon appears.


A.P.C Camouflage Field Jacket

Camouflage comes in and out of fashion quicker than some kind of really fast, witty simile. But fuck the trends, you’re gonna be spending the whole weekend in the park so you’ll need some kind of light jacket for when things get a little breezy. Plus, grass stains almost definitely won’t show up on this so you can offer it up for a girl to sit on. Actually, don’t, it’s brand new. Get of this A.P.C one now from MR PORTER.


NN.07 Selvage Denim Shorts

Our boy Brock Cardiner already got his shorts out this week, sat in a park and a ladybird crawled up onto his knee. That’s the kind of thing that happens when the weather’s nice, everyone’s in such a good mood they’re just rubbing up all against nature. These NN.07 denim shorts are sort of like jeans but in the length of shorts, so hopefully you’re not gonna feel too out of your comfort zone. They’re available now from oki-ni.


Brooklyn We Go Hard Kara Tee

Nothing beats a fresh white tee. The Parisian streetwear brand Brooklyn We Go Hard started as a platform to display works of art from artists around the world, then they finally made the jump and branched out into cut and sewing their own garments. Their Spring/Summer 2013 collection entitled ‘Burano’ included the Kara white tee which perfectly embodies their style; updating classic pieces with a subtle but interesting twist. This tee you can buy now from End Clothing. 


Vans Old School in Lemon Suede

Vans recently dropped this special release in celebration of the year of the snake, applying a snakeskin pattern to the classic leather stripe. And the color is like sun poured into a suede upper. It’s time to embrace bright colors. Don’t even worry that a camouflage jacket and lemon yellow sneakers are over the top, everything looks brighter when it’s sunny anyway so who’s gonna know the difference? Only Italians can get away with wearing all black in the sun and not look like a sweaty, melting mess. Get hold of these at Tres Bien.


Norse Projects Flora 5 Panel Cap

Maybe 5 panel caps are becoming slightly overdone, but I’m not sure we’re done with them yet. If you’re gonna go for one, go for the best. Norse Projects excel in quality, the hats are made in America, and last longer than your hairline will. This beige one has a subtle repeated all-over flora pattern and the usual adjustable webbed back strap. A nice and subtle update on their iconic hat. Buy one now from The Goodhood Store.


SUPER Paloma Sunglasses

Couldn’t have a weekly outfit embracing the sun without featuring a pair of sunnies. Gotta be mindful of your eyesight now the ozone layer is getting eroded further and further away, and the trusty SUPER can always be relied on for a great pair to accessorize your sun-blessed weekend. Handmade in Italy, this season sees the return of the Paloma style in all-black with Zeiss lenses. You can grab a pair now from The Goodhood Store.

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