For many, this Saturday is more anticipated than all of the winter holidays combined. While it’s unclear where the term originates (although many attribute it to a group of teenagers in San Rafael, California), 4/20 is unanimously regarded as the premier day for all things weed. To complement whatever questionably legal activities you may or may not have planned, a few brands have stepped up to design some pieces in line with the unofficial holiday’s themes.

To the surprise of no one, some of California’s most recognizable brands are leading the way with people like Snoop Lion playing a pivotal role in HUF‘s collection while brands like Diamond Supply Co. chose the slightly more subtle route. The East Coast for their part submitted some of their best contenders like SSUR and the recently revived ALIFE NYC.

Regardless of whether or not you observe 4/20, a few of the collections produced are well worth a closer look. Check out some of our favorites below.


LRG x Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke

Orange County’s LRG teamed up with the original marijuanos for a collection inspired by the duo’s classic film Up In Smoke. Included in the collection is Cheech’s iconic red beanie along with two T-shirts featuring obscure references only the most time-hardened stoners will understand.

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Diamond Supply Co. 4/20 Diamond Cuts Collection

Diamond Supply Co. for their part introduce two new Diamond Cuts featuring an appropriately printed canvas upper set against a leather heel and wax laces. The result is a sneaker that’s completely acceptable for the holiday and just subtle enough to wear year ’round.

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In4mation Legalize Hawaii Capsule Collection

In4mation enters the green ring with a capsule collection consisting of a snapback, two T-shirts, rolling papers and stickers. The Rasta colors featured throughout let people know where you’re coming from – you know, in case the marijuana leaf doesn’t.

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SUPRA x Lil Wayne 4/20 Spectre Boxed Set

Limited to exactly 420 units, SUPRA‘s Spectre done in collaboration with Weezy F. Baby includes a lighter, grinder and pill bottle labeled with California’s medical marijuana proposition. You’ll have to be quick to snatch yours but something tells me you won’t have to be so quick on 4/20.

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SSUR High Time 4/20 Collection

New York’s SSUR came through this 4/20 with a thorough collection consisting of three T-shirts, a tank top, and a snapback. Using some familiar iconography imbued with light green prints, each piece clearly illustrates your appreciation of Earth’s most wonderful plant.

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ALIFE NYC 4/20 T-Shirt Collection

Blending seamlessly into the rest of their recent collection, ALIFE NYC’s 4/20 tees play on the brand’s recent themes and designs. In fact, the two T-shirts could easily have been released along with the rest of the collection but the green day only makes it more timely.

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HUF x Snoop Lion 4/20 Capsule Collection

The poster boy for 4/20 and cannabis in general, Snoop Lion hooked up with HUF for a capsule collection that will keep you as chilled as the legendary rapper is above. Consisting of T-shirts, hats and socks, the collection is sure to add a new take on their wildly popular Plantlife print.

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Odd Future x Peas & Carrots International 4/20 Collection

Golf Wang teamed up with neighbors Peas & Carrots International for a collection consisting of two tees, socks, sweatshirts, and even a deck. Featuring the “high” logo from past collections, the festive print brings the collection up to the holiday’s demands.

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Enjoy your much-deserved Saturday and pick up a piece or two at your leisure. But above all – be safe!

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