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Lexdray launches two new styles, a DJ pack and a multifunctional day bag, which are now available on Lexdray.com. The bags epitomize all four of Lexdray’s principles – function, style, quality and innovation.

First up is the Ibiza Pack, designed in collaboration with world-renowned DJs – Clark Kent and Young Guru – the front section of the pack is composed of two zippered pockets, designed to carry small valuables like batteries, memory cards, flash drives, and a cell phone. The second section of the pack has six mesh zippered pockets designed to house cords of all kinds. Opposite the zippered pockets are four padded slots measured to hold a Shure needle case, hard drive, Serato SL4 and headphones. The third compartment was created for 6-8 records while the fourth can hold up to an 18″ laptop as well as an iPad. The last section has a rear compartment, designed to store CDs and the bottom of the bag is water-resistant and includes five small but sturdy feet so the bag sits upright at all times.

The Shanghai Tote was designed as a multifunctional day bag. The exterior has slots for valuables you need readily accessible while the interior has a keychain, a fleece lined slot for an iPad, and additional dividers for organization. It can be zipped closed along the top and also has a removable shoulder strap. The tote comes in black and khaki and has a custom camo print lining throughout the interior.

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