Formerly part of rap group Das Racist, KOOL A.D., real name Victor Vazquez, has kept the momentum going by releasing three mixtapes in the last year on top of his work with several other ongoing projects. Known for his hyperliterate, ironic and self-aware lyricism, Vazquez recently relocated back to the Bay Area after years spent on the East Coast.

Hoping to gain a deeper insight into his work, we sent over a few questions regarding his recent activity. Although not long, his half-serious, half-literal answers somehow complement his artistic persona and aesthetic. Check out our conversation below.


You recently relocated back to the Bay Area. What are the differences, if any, in the creative cultures of the East and West Coast?

The West Coast is more oceanic, syncretic and magnanimous than the East Coast.

Do you consider yourself a Bay Area artist?


In a recent interview you said you wanted to wild out on the West Coast before growing up. What does growing up entail for you?

Buying a juicer.

You recently finished a tour with the band Party Animal, what are the differences when performing with a band as opposed to a group?

I play the drums in Party Animal so it’s a little more aerobic.

You’ve been working in several other mediums besides music over the past few years, do you have any desire to work in others?

My buddies over at Sorry House Publishing are about to print a second printing of this likkle [sic] aphorism book I made called Joke Book. I’m working on a novel that they might publish too. Also been drawing pictures and selling them on the Internet. I wanted to put together an art show at some point this year when I have the time.

What can you tell us about the novel?

The novel I’m writing is basically going to be like Dante’s Inferno but significantly better.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Tray 57 x Puzzle x Polo: Crazy Cubanos, Amaze 88: Love Affair, Amaze 88: Electric Tomorrow, 1-O.A.K.: Special Request, Trackademicks: Cherry 2000, Beeda Weeda: Mack’n Trap’n Rap’n Vol. 2, Soulja Boy: Foreign, MAAL: Diana Frances Goomba Wave, Kilo Kish: K+, Turk: Blame It on the System, Young Thug: 1017 Thug, OJ Da Juiceman: Culinary Art School 2, 100: Ice Cold Perm, Lil B: Pretty Young Thug, Tecla: We Are the Lucky Ones.

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